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Bloggers and Writers : Get your free copy of our products!

For a limited time, we are offering bloggers and magazine/website article writers a free commercial license to any our products.  All you have to do is mention one of our products in your blog/article and and you will get a 1-developer license to that product.

How do you benefit?

You will get for free, a 1-developer license to that product which you mention in your blog post/article. For example, if you mention Shell MegaPack, you will receive a 1-developer license to that product - worth US $299 ! You can use this license for commercial use too - just as if you had bought the license from us.

How does LogicNP Software benefit?

We want to get the word out and make developers aware of our products. You can help us do that using your blog/article's reach and popularity.

Who are eligible?


If you have maintained a blog for at least the past 6 months and your blog contains posts about .Net or Win32/ActiveX development, then you are eligible for this offer. 


If you write articles on .Net or VB/MFC/Win32/ActiveX development for a reasonably well known online/print magazine and/or website, then you are eligible.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact us at support@ssware.com and we will let you know immediately.

What do you have to do?


To get your free license, bloggers have to post a new blog entry on your blog homepage that mentions any of the following products :

Your post should contain at least the following points :

  • <<Product>> is available from LogicNP Software.
  • A brief product description and benefits of the product. (See links above)
    Shell MegaPack allows you to recreate a Windows Explorer-Like file and folder browser UI inside your own form with incredible easy. It supports advanced features such as custom items, check boxes and filtering of files/folders.
    EZNamespaceExtensionsMFC makes it very easy to develop namespace extensions which are integrated into Windows Explorer and File Open/Save dialogs. It comes with Visual Studio Project Wizards which speeds up things even more.
  • It targets such and such IDEs ( For example, Shell MegaPack.Net can be used for development in Windows Forms (WinForms)/WPF apps in Visual Studio 2008/2005/2003/2002).
  • A link to the product main page (see links above).


You should publish a fresh article to a reasonably well known online/print magazine or website. The article should review/discuss any of our products and include a link to the product main page.

Get going !

Once your blog entry/article is published and available to the public, send us an email at support@ssware.com and let us know. After we have reviewed the blog entry/article, we will send your free license immediately.