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LogicNP Software Product Newsletter : CryptoLicensing v2009 (v2.0) now available..

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Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:45 am    Post subject: LogicNP Software Product Newsletter : CryptoLicensing v2009 (v2.0) now available..

CryptoLicensing v2009 (v2.0) Released

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of CryptoLicensing. Some of the exciting new features are listed below. A complete list of new features and functionality, new API, changes and fixes can be found by clicking on the 'Version History' link on the download page.

CryptoLicensing Generator

. E-Commerce integration with various providers like PayPal, ShareIt, Plimus, etc. Includes ready-to-use license generators for these e-commerce providers which can automatically perform order-fulfillment and license delivery when using your preferred e-commerce provider.
. .Net Edition - Tie License To Specific Host Assembly using a combination of the assembly's name, version or public key.
. .Net Edition - One-of-a-kind Ability To Perform Strong Name Verification of the host assembly even if it has been disabled by hackers or crackers. When combined with the check against the public key of the host assembly, ensures that the host assembly has not been tampered and that its the public key has not been changed (typical ways to crack your software).
. Enable/disable tamper checking (date rollback) when using trial licenses.
. String and number data fields can now have standard values that can be selected via a dropdown list.
. Record IP addresses when licenses/serials are activated/validated.

Software-side API and Generator API

. Added 'userData' parameter to CryptoLicense.GetLicenseFromSerial and LicenseService.ValidateSerial - this allows setting custom user-data in returned license.
. Added CryptoLicense.EnableTamperChecking property and CryptoLicenseGenerator.EnableTamperChecking property.
. .Net Edition - Added CryptoLicense.HostAssembly, CryptoLicense.HostAssemblyName, CryptoLicense.HasHostAssemblyName properties and corresponding CryptoLicenseGenerator properties. These are used to check for matching host assembly and perform (force) strong name verification.
. Added CryptoLicense.UseHashedMachineCode property.
. New LicenseService.LogException method to enable troubleshooting of a live license service.
. LicenseService.Deactivate, DeregisterFloatingLicense, IsLicenseDisabled and NotifyValidated now return encrypted boolean strings for better security.
. Added ability to show 'Offline Activation' and 'Computer ID' in Evaluation Info dialog.

Product Information and Download

CryptoLicensing for .Net

CryptoLicensing for MFC

CryptoLicensing for ActiveX
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