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FileView ActiveX Control
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HOWTO: Open files/browse folders with a single click.
HOWTO: Set the initial folder which is shown when FileView loads.
HOWTO: Change the size of thumbnails displayed by FileView in Thumbnail View
HOWTO: Overwrite/modify column text
HOWTO: Disallow certain drag-drop operations when dragging from FileView to an external place
HOWTO: Prevent certain files from being dropped in FileView
HOWTO: Automatically resize a column to fit the width of the longest text under that column
HOWTO: Always show extensions for files irrespective of the OS setting
HOWTO: Prevent files from being shown in FileView
HOWTO: Show a bitmap for a menu item
HOWTO: Access file/folder paths from dataobject in C++ during drag-drop
HOWTO: Access binary data from dataobject in C++ during drag-drop
HOWTO: Sort items programmatically
HOWTO: Disable display of overlay icons
HOWTO: Determine whether an item is a network drive/shared folder
HOWTO: Scroll FileView so that a particular item becomes visible
FIX: You get a 'Type Mismatch' error in VB or VBA
HOWTO : Display a different context menu than the default system context menu.
HOWTO: Determine whether a item is a 'special' folder such as the Control Panel, My Network Places, etc
HOWTO: Use ByRef event parameters in VBScript in an HTML/ASP page
INFO: International language support in FileView
HOWTO: Implement custom sorting of items
HOWTO: Specify a custom thumbnail for a normal item.
HOWTO : Hide certain columns in FileView
HOWTO : Display non-standard columns (such as MP3/image/video file information columns) in FileView
HOWTO : Add a custom thumbnail image to a custom item in the thumbnail view
HOWTO : Use XP Themed 'up' and 'down' sort images in column headers in Details mode
HOWTO : Use custom overlay icons in FileView ActiveX
HOWTO: Programmatically browse to a namespace extension with FileView.
HOWTO : Use FileView ActiveX Control on an HTML or ASP page.
HOWTO : Enter license information in the FileView ActiveX Control after you have purchased a license.
INFO : Procedures for distributing FileView ActiveX Control with your application.
HOWTO : Register the FileView ActiveX Control on your system.
HOWTO : Start using a new version of the FileView Activex control in your development project.
HOWTO : Use the FileView ActiveX Controls with the FolderView and ShComboBox ActiveX Controls.
HOWTO : Assign user-defined data for an item.
HOWTO : Get the full path of a folder/file.
HOWTO : Execute all above commands for all the selected items in FileView.
HOWTO : Execute all the above commands for the current folder.
HOWTO : Execute commands like 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Delete', etc. for a folder/file
HOWTO : Programmatically open a file and go into a folder in FileView ActiveX Control.
HOWTO : Show the 'Properties' dialog box for a folder/file.
HOWTO : Programmatically go to the parent folder of the current folder.
HOWTO : Determine if a file/folder is selected.
HOWTO : Determine the check-state of an item.
HOWTO : Programmatically check/uncheck a node.
HOWTO : Determine if an item is a custom item.
HOWTO : Determine if an item is readonly or hidden.
HOWTO : Determine if an item is a shortcut.
HOWTO : Determine if an item belongs to the filesystem.
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