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INFO: Basic trouble-shooting guide.
INFO: Display namespace extension in the tree view (left side) of Windows Explorer in Windows 7
INFO: You get an 'Unknown Error' message when you try to save a file to your namespace extension on Vista or later
HOWTO: Enable the 'New Folder' button in the File Open/Save dialogs.
Deploying to a 64-bit OS.
INFO: Overlay icons limits in Windows
HOWTO: Show property pages for inner items of a namespace extension.
INFO: Adding your own buttons to the toolbar of Windows Vista or later OS
HOWTO: Load dependant assemblies from your namespace extension.
HOWTO: Access dragged items in the NSEItem.DragEnter, etc events
FIX: Why do I see non-folders in Windows Explorer's folder view (left tree)
HOWTO: Show a bitmap for a menu item
HOWTO: Access stream data from data object during drag-drop.
HOWTO: Access source data during drag-drop.
INFO: Determining the target of the drop
HOWTO: Specify the default drop action during drag-drop
HOWTO: Display a bitmap for the menu item in a context menu
FIX: Newly added columns are not displayed in Windows Explorer
INFO: Efficient implement of the Serialize and DeserializeChild methods
HOWTO: Support creating shortcuts to items in the namespace extension
HOWTO: Retrieve selected items in Windows Explorer or a File Open/Save dialog
HOWTO: Register a namespace extension under multiple locations
HOWTO: Prevent browsing of the namespace extension
INFO: Developing protocol handlers with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net
HOWTO: Reference the root folder of the namespace extension from a context menu extension or property sheet extension.
HOWTO : Use icons mode (IconExtractMode.Icons) to specify different icons for items.
INFO: Using debugging to track potential problems.
HOWTO: Refresh Windows Explorer when the contents of a namespace extension change
HOWTO : Handle double-clicking of items in the namespace extension
HOWTO: Create a namespace extension rooted at a file system folder.
INFO: Registering/unregistering and debugging namespace extensions on Windows Vista or later OS
HOWTO : Capture the open and save event in a File Open/Save dialog.
HOWTO: Display a namespace extension in a File Open/Save dialog
HOWTO: Show a menu when the drop down arrow of a 'split' toolbar button is clicked
HOWTO: Display system default icons/system imagelist icons for items in your namespace extension
HOWTO : Embed Win32 resources (.RES file) in managed assemblies
INFO: Correct format of the path of the root folder and internal items of a namespace extension
HOWTO : Add property sheet support to the root folder of a namespace extension
FIX: You get an error message when you attempt to browse your namespace extension from a File Save/Open dialog in Microsoft Word/Excel
HOWTO : Add custom context menu items to the root folder of a namespace extension
HOWTO : Support dragdrop within your namespace extension
INFO : Deploying EZNamespaceExtensions.Net on computers with multiple versions of the .Net runtime installed.
INFO : Using an icon in an embedded managed resource for the root of the namespace extension
INFO : Registering, testing and debugging namespace extensions developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net
INFO : Deploying namespace extensions developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.Net
HOWTO : Add sub-menus/multi-level menus to the item context menu/background menu of your namespace extension
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