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CryptoLicensing For .Net
Integration of CryptoLicensing With FastSpring
HOWTO: Perform activation of a license on behalf of a customer
HOWTO: Access license settings without validating the license.
INFO: Why do I see CryptoLicense.MaxActivations as 32766 instead of the value I specified while generating the license?
HOWTO: View settings specified by a license code
INFO: Retrieving additional information about license validation failures.
HOWTO: Populate the License Management database with user data fields when generating licenses using the API
HOWTO: Avoid distribution of floating license code to multiple machines.
INFO: Access database and 64-bit machines
HOWTO: Set license features when generating new licenses using the Generator API
HOWTO: Limit serial validations to a certain number of machines.
INFO: How to set license for the CryptoLicensing Generator API or the license service
HOWTO: Save license settings specified in the UI to a profile.
Trouble-shooting a SerialValidation.Failed return from the CryptoLicense.GetLicenseFromSerial method
HOWTO: Create custom license service methods
HOWTO: Create a license requiring activation with a grace period.
INFO: Common License Service related issues and their solutions
HOWTO: Use a single license service for multiple project files.
HOWTO: Transfer machine-locked licenses manually from one machine to another machine
HOWTO: Extend the customer evaluation period
HOWTO: Specify credentials and proxy settings when communicating with the license service
CODE: Sample CryptoLicense.IsMachineCodeValid implementation
HOWTO: Package the LogicNP.CryptoLicensing.dll file inside your host application
HOWTO: Use custom machine codes with a license
INFO: Integration With E-Commerce Providers like PayPal, ShareIt, Plimus, etc
HOWTO: Customize the Evaluation Info Dialog
INFO: Licensing Plugins & Addins
INFO: Using the CryptoLicense.Remove and CryptoLicense.ResetEvaluationInfo methods during testing.
HOWTO: Insert a generated license or serial code in a template.
HOWTO: Trouble-shoot the license service using LicenseService.LogException
HOWTO: Re-issue the same license with changed settings.
INFO: Licensing Pocket PC/ Windows Mobile/Windows CE Based Apps Developing Using .Net Compact Framework
HOWTO: Use the CryptoLicensing Generator API to integrate your license generation, sales/e-commerce and order-fulfillment process
INFO: How to validate serials from your software
HOWTO: Activate licenses via email.
INFO: Quick-Start Guide to creating and using activated licenses.
HOWTO: Manually issue hardware-locked licenses.
HOWTO: Determine if a license is an evaluation license
INFO: Testing license codes during development
HOWTO: Remotely revoke licenses using the IsLicenseDisabledInService method
HOWTO: De-activate licenses from a particular machine.
HOWTO: Get the current number of usage days, unique usage days, etc in an evaluation license.
INFO: Deploying CryptoLicensing For .Net With Your Software
INFO: 8 Ways To Make Your Software Hacker-Proof and Crack-Proof - Writing Effective License Checking Code And Designing Effective Licenses With CryptoLicensing.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about CryptoLicensing For .Net
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