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Shell MegaPack.Net/WPF
Running an application under the Visual Studio debugger
HOW-TO: Enable XP/Vista/Windows 7 look in WPF applications.
HOWTO: Disable Vista-style look when running on Vista or higher
INFO: Adding controls from Shell MegaPack to the Visual Studio Toolbox manually.
INFO: Using debugging to track potential problems.
HOWTO: Use the controls in an ASP.Net page
HOWTO: Enable Vista look and feel when running on Vista
HOWTO : Manipulate FolderView, FileView or ShComboBox before the Form.Load event
INFO : Displaying Web Folders with FileView, FolderView and ShComboBox controls
INFO: Effect of "Compressed Folders" of WinXP on FolderView.Net and FileView.Net
HOWTO : Redistribute the controls with your application
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