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HOWTO: Set the root folder which is shown when FolderView loads.
HOWTO: Disallow certain drag-drop operations when dragging from FolderView to an external place
HOWTO: Prevent certain files from being dropped in FolderView
HOWTO: Always show extensions for files irrespective of the OS setting
HOWTO: Show a bitmap for a menu item
HOWTO: Save and reload node check-states between application runs
HOWTO: Open a file with its default application when it is double-clicked
HOWTO: Override the multi-state checkbox functionality in FolderView
HOWTO: Disable display of overlay icons
HOWTO: Determine whether a node is a network drive/shared folder
HOWTO: Scroll FolderView so that a particular node becomes visible
HOWTO: Determine whether two FOVTreeNode instances represent the same underlying node.
HOWTO : Display a different context menu than the default system context menu.
HOWTO: Set a 'special' folder such as the Control Panel, My Network Places, etc as the root folder.
HOWTO: Determine whether a node is a 'special' folder such as the Control Panel, My Network Places, etc
INFO: Making expand/collapse buttons (expandos) fade in and out in Vista look and feel.
HOWTO : Disable multi-state checkboxes in FolderView.Net Control
INFO: Checkboxes not seen if Application.EnableVisualStyles is used
HOWTO : Use custom overlay icons in FolderView.Net
HOWTO : Determine the node that was right-clicked in the PopupContextMenu event in FolderView.Net
INFO : FolderView does not support multiple selection
HOWTO : Select a node in FolderView at startup
INFO: FolderView.Net does not support file filtering based on a pattern
INFO: Inherited Control.AllowDrop property of FolderView.Net should not be used
HOWTO : Use the FolderView.Net Controls with FileView.Net and ShComboBox.Net controls.
HOWTO : Assign user-defined data for a node.
HOWTO : Get the full path of a folder/file.
HOWTO : Programmatically expand or collapse a node.
HOWTO : Execute commands like 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Delete', etc. for a folder/file.
HOWTO : Open a folder/file in FolderView.Net Control.
HOWTO : Show the 'Properties' dialog box for a folder/file.
HOWTO : Get the child, parent or next or previous sibling node of a node.
HOWTO : Determine the check-state of a node.
HOWTO : Programmatically check/uncheck a node.
HOWTO : Determine if a node is readonly or hidden.
HOWTO : Determine if a node is a shortcut.
HOWTO : Determine if a node belongs to the filesystem.
HOWTO : Determine if a node is a file or a folder.
HOWTO : Determine if a node is the desktop node.
HOWTO : Determine if a node is a custom node.
HOWTO : Programmatically select a specific node in FolderView.Net Control.
HOWTO : Enumerate all the folders/files shown in FolderView.Net Control.
HOWTO : Prevent a certain node from displaying in FolderView.Net Control.
HOWTO : Prevent non-filesystem folders/files or hidden folders/files from displaying.
HOWTO : Customize dragdrop operations on FolderView.Net Control .
HOWTO : Prevent the display of or change the default infotips shown for folders.
HOWTO : Prevent certain shell commands (like Delete) from being executed on certain items.
HOWTO : Prevent showing of contextmenu for certain items.
HOWTO : Show files in FolderView.Net Control.
HOWTO : Prevent context menus from appearing when a folder/file is right-clicked.
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