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HOWTO: Use ShellNotifyIcon in WPF applications
HOWTO: Use ShellAppBar in WPF applications
HOWTO: Display a context menu when the ShellNotifyIcon is clicked/right-clicked
HOWTO: Create appbars without borders
HOWTO : Create a new task using Taskscheduler component.
INFO: Shell popups are not displayed when ShowPopup or Show methods are called from another thread.
INFO : Procedure for activating license
ARTICLE : ShellAppBar - Convert your forms into appbars with full autohide, drag-docking and multi-monitor support
INFO : Procedures for distributing ShellObjects.Net with your application.
INFO : One instance of ShellNotifyIcon only displays one icon in the system tray
HOWTO : Determine when the text or link of a shell popup notification window is clicked
INFO: Adding/Removing icons for use with ShellNotifyIcon
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