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LogicNP Software Product Newsletter : Brand new component - VSEXplorer now available..

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Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:30 am    Post subject: LogicNP Software Product Newsletter : Brand new component - VSEXplorer now available..

Announcing VS Explorer

We are pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of our new product - VS Explorer for Visual Studio. VS Explorer is a file and folder explorer addin for Visual Studio which brings Windows Explorer-like file and folder browsing inside of Visual Studio.

Some of the main features of VS Explorer include:

Quickly browse to the 'Solution' folder, the 'Active Project' Folder, the 'Output' folder or the folder corresponding to the currently selected item.
Open Command Prompt at selected folder.
Copy paths of selected files/folders to the clipboard.
Open selected files/folders in current Visual Studio instance.
Add selected .dll or .exe files as references to the active project.
Quickly browse to special folders such as the 'Program Files' or 'Windows' folder.
Open Command Prompt on currently browsed folder.
Copy path of current browsed folder to clipboard.
Specify 'excluded' files and folders - these are not displayed in VS Explorer
Specify files which are automatically opened in the current Visual Studio instance instead of externally, using their default associated program.
Same Windows Explorer-like context-menus including 3rd party extensions such as TortoiseSVN. No need to ever leave the Visual Studio environment.
Same Windows Explorer-Like drag-drop functionality allows you to add files and folders to your projects directly!
Various Views - Icons, Details, List and Thumbnails
Various layouts - Tree Only, List Only, Tree And List.
VS Explorer benefits you in the following ways:

Eliminate switching back and forth between Visual Studio and Windows Explorer and other external programs.
Concentrate on your work flow and preserve thought-flow and concentration.
Save time and reduce stress.
Work efficiently.

VS Explorer Product Page

VS Explorer Screenshot

VS Explorer Download

VS Explorer Order Page

Flexible Upgrade Offer Extended!
Due to your overwhelming response, we have extended the upgrade offers till 31st December! The flexible upgrade scheme allows you to upgrade any license to any other license just by paying the price difference between the two. Here are some examples :

You have a FileView License worth USD 129 and you would like to upgrade to Shell MegaPack (costs USD 299); you can do so for USD 299 - USD 129 = USD 170

You have a Shell MegaPack License worth USD 299 and you would like to get the 4-developer license pack (costs USD 1049); you can do so for USD 1049 - USD 299 = USD 750

You have a EZNamespaceExtensions.Net 4-Developer License with Support And Upgrade Subscription worth USD 1479 and you would like to upgrade to EZNamespaceExtensions.Net + EZShellExtensions.Net 4-Developer License with Support And Upgrade Subscription (costs USD 1879); you can do so for USD 1879 - USD 1479 = USD 400

Simply goto and let us know your existing license and the new license you wish to upgrade to.

See more information about the offer at
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