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Integration of CryptoLicensing With FastSpring

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Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:44 am    Post subject: Integration of CryptoLicensing With FastSpring

CryptoLicensing includes a ready-to-use license generator for FastSpring which you can use for automatic order-fulfillment and license delivery whenever your customers purchase your product via FastSpring.

The basic workflow is as follows:

1. Your FastSpring account is setup to ping your license service e-commerce page (<license-service-url>/ecommerce/fastspring.aspx) whenever any purchase occurs.

2. User purchases your software via FastSpring.

3. FastSpring pings (using HTTP POST) your license service e-commerce page with details of the purchase (name, email, product-id, product-name, verification/validation info, etc)

4. The e-commerce page uses the passed info to generate a new license using the CryptoLicensing Generator API and send it to the email address provided by the customer and/or return it as the response of the HTTP POST.

Here the steps required to achieve above workflow this:

1. Create license service for your project

2. The FastSpring specific license generator files are fastspring.aspx and fastspring.aspx.cs (or fastspring.aspx.vb if using VB.Net) found in the 'ecommerce' sub-folder under the folder where you created the license service files above. The fastspring.aspx is an empty shell file and can be ignored. The fastspring.aspx.cs (or fastspring.aspx.vb if using VB.Net) contains the code to handle notifications from FastSpring and automatically generate and return licenses.

3. Change the settings in the fastspring.aspx.cs (or fastspring.aspx.vb if using VB.Net) as per your needs. The settings are found between the // START SETTINGS and // END SETTINGS lines.

4. Upload the license service folder to your web site and configure it. If you are only using e-commerce integration functionality, you do not need to perform the database related configuration.

5. Login to your FastSpring account and specify the URL of your license generator as follows: FastSpring Control Panel --> Remote License Configuration --> General. Specify the URL of your license generator. For example, if you uploaded to a sub-folder named 'LicenseService' on the domain '', the URL for the FastSpring integration will then be:


* You can use the 'Run Test' feature of FastSpring to test the whole scheme.

* The e-commerce pages and the corresponding code-behind files are just starter pages with basic functionality to get you started. Most of the pages extract some HTTP variables from the request stream or the query string, and generate and return a new license. It certainly does not address any advanced scenarios of license generation or any other customization that you might require. However, you should be able to easily modify the existing code-behind files to suit your needs and requirements.

* If any errors/exceptions occur in the e-commerce page, then an exception message and stack trace is logged to the App_Data folder. Each exception is logged to its own text file having following name: You can use this for trouble-shooting purposes. To turn off this logging, set the log_exceptions variable in the corresponding aspx code-behind file to false (the default is true).
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