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    Assuming an hourly developer rate of USD 75, the cost of a 1-developer license can be recovered in just 5 hours. Is it possible for your company to develop such full-featured, customizable and thoroughly tested components in 5 hours? As a business, you need to save every minute of every hour and our product will help your company do just that. See the value for money yourself and increase ROI for your company.

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Licensed Per Developer
All products are licensed per developer. A separate developer license must be purchased for each developer in the team. See the Licensing FAQ for more details.

Multi-Developer Licenses
Substantial discounts are available when purchasing multi-developer licenses - choose the 4-Developer, 8-Developer or Site-Development License option.

Support And Upgrade Subscription
You can buy a license with or without a Support And Upgrade Subscription. An active Support And Upgrade Subscription gives you the following benefits :

  • Free major and minor version upgrades and critical hotfixes and interim builds.
  • Priority technical support.
  • Price Lock-In for next three years.
  • New samples, tips and how-to topics from time-to-time.
EZNamespaceExtensions + EZShellExtensions License - MFC Edition
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4 Developer License
~13% Discount Per License
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Site License
Unlimited developers at a single office location
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* Only customers with an expired/current subscription for the same product can choose the "Subscription Renewal" option above. Subscription renewal will take effect from the end date of the expired/current subscription, regardless of when the renewal is purchased. See Licensing FAQ for more information. 
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