Code Protection and Obfuscator For .Net, Licensing And Copy Protection for .Net, ActiveX and MFC

5 Reasons You Should Buy Hyper Build Now  (Prices/Buying Links Are Below)

  • Focus On Writing Your Software, Not On the Build/Release Process: Save Time And Money Investment Made in your business.
    You owe it to yourself and to your business to use Hyper Build for your build-release-deploy part of your software development lifecycle. Your expertise lies in writing great software, so let us use our expertise to take care of your build. Buying Hyper Build will be one of the best investments you will make and will give your ROI hundreds of times over.

  • Leverage Our Expertise
    We have been successfully utilizing Hyper Build (in its private form) for years to manage the build and release of our software products and we know the ins and outs of this part of the software development lifecycle. Hyper Build leverages this very expert knowledge and experience to give your software development process the boost that it needs.

    We TRUST our own product - Build management for Hyper Build and ALL our other products is done using Hyper Build itself!

  • Competent and Prompt Customer Support
    We provide prompt technical support via email and we do not rest till your issue is resolved.

  • More Proof of Quality..
    Our customers love our products and our service. Industry and media have written rave reviews about our products.

  • No runtime fees or royalties
    No runtime fees or royalties are involved whatsoever when you protect your software with Hyper Build.

Multiple Licenses
Substantial discounts are available when purchasing multiple licenses - choose the 4-Machine, 8-Machine or Site License option.

Includes 1 Year Of Free Support And Upgrade Subscription
Each license comes with 1 Year Of Support And Upgrade Subscription. An active Support And Upgrade Subscription gives you the following benefits :

  • Free major and minor version upgrades and critical hotfixes and interim builds.
  • Technical support via email.
Hyper Build v2012
  New License Subscription Renewal

Single License
2 installations & 1 running instance.

US $299
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US $129
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Floating License
8 installations & 1 running instance.
US $799
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US $299
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Site License
Unlimited installations at a single office site & unlimited running instances.
US $2499
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US $999
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* Only customers with an expired/current subscription for the same product can choose the "Subscription Renewal" option above. Subscription renewal will take effect from the end date of the expired/current subscription, regardless of when the renewal is purchased. See Licensing FAQ for more information. 
* Customers who originally purchased only the license, click here for upgrade information.

License information is sent via email within 12 hours of purchase.


Licensing FAQ

Q. What is a Single License?
A The Single License can be installed on upto 2 machines (one desktop and one laptop, or one desktop and one build machine). However, only one machine can use Hyper Build at a time. The Single License is suited for a single developer or build specialist.

Q. What is a Floating License?
A. The Floating License can be installed on upto 8 machines, however only one machine can use Hyper Build at a time. This license is best suited for small teams of developers or build specialists.

Q. What is a Site License?
A. The Site License can be installed on unlimited machines at a single office location. Unlimited instances of Hyper Build can be started from unlimited machines. This license is best suited for a large team or an entire organization.

Q. Does the license expire if the Support And Upgrade Subscription expires?
No. Your licence is perpetual and does not expire even if your Support Subscription expires. You can use the products indefinitely even after the Support Subscription expires. However, to continue receive technical support and free upgrades, you must renew your Support And Upgrade Subscription.

Q. How long does my Support And Upgrade Subscription remain valid?
Your subscription duration is for 1 year from date of purchase. Renewals extend the Support And Upgrade Subscription by 1 year from the date of expiry.

Q. I have other doubts/questions.
Just send us an email at if you need any more clarification or information.