Code Protection and Obfuscator For .Net, Licensing And Copy Protection for .Net, ActiveX and MFC

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Crypto Obfuscator

8 Ways To Protect And Obfuscate Your .Net Code Against Reverse-Engineering Using Crypto Obfuscator

Add Automatic Exception Reporting To Your .Net Software - Allow End-Users To Report Bugs Easily

Obfuscating And Code-Protecting Silverlight Assemblies Effectively



8 Ways To Make Your Software Hacker-Proof and Crack-Proof: Writing Effective License Checking Code And Designing Effective Licenses With CryptoLicensing

Add Network Floating License Capability To Your Software With CryptoLicensing

Creating Secure, Effective And Hassle-Free Trial License Strategies For Your Software

An Effective And Hassle-Free Machine Locking Scheme For Software Copy Protection & Licensing



EZNamespaceExtensions.Net : Rapid development of Windows shell namespace extensions in .Net

Add Windows Explorer Integration to Document Management Software, Content Management Software and Virtual Drives Using Namespace Extensions


Crypto Logger

Logging Best Practices Using Crypto Logger