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Add Automatic Exception Reporting To Your .Net Software - Allow End-Users To Report Bugs Easily



No matter how well you design and write your software, it is bound to encounter some errors or exceptions when out in the wild - they are a fact of life in software development. Therefore, it is crucial when an error or exception occurs on the end-user's site that you get to know about them. You must make it easy for the end-users to report errors and exceptions to you. Further, the exception report must contain enough information so that you are able to fix and resolve the cause of the problem.

Crypto Obfuscator's Automatic Exception Reporting functionality makes it extremely easy for you to catch any unhandled exceptions that occur in your software and for your users to easily report these exceptions to you with a single click of a button.


Contents Of The Exception Reports

The exception report prepared by Crypto Obfuscator contains the following information:

  • Full stack trace info along with the values of all method arguments and local variables
  • System information
  • Miscellaneous info like the time of the exception, the build number, loaded assemblies, etc
  • Optional developer defined custom data like log files, screenshots, etc.


Benefits of Automatic Exception Reporting

Automatic Exception Reporting helps you in the following ways:

  • Increases the chances that the end-user will report the exception to you by making it very easy for them to send exception reports to you.
  • Contains a variety of pertinent and useful information about the exception and its context.
  • Decreases the turnaround time of your bug-fixing process.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and sales.


The Exception Reporting Service

Crypto Obfuscator comes with a ready-to-use Exception Reporting Service to which your software can upload exception reports to. The Exception Reports Viewer Dialog from Crypto Obfuscator allows you to download and view exception reports sent by users to the service.


Exception Reporting Consent Form

It is advisable to provide a choice to your end-users whether they want to send the exception report to you or not. To this end, Crypto Obfuscator can optionally show a consent form to the users of your software giving them the option to report exceptions automatically to the exception reporting service. Alternatively, they can also save the report to a file for sending at a later time. Users can also, if they so desire, provide their email address so that you can get back to them when the issue is resolved.

The Exception Reporting Consent Form can also be changed to localize, customize or change its look, behavior and functionality.


Automatic Exception Reporting SDK

The Automatic Exception Reporting SDK allows you to customize and extend the exception reporting functionality in the following ways:

  • Add custom data like log files, screenshots, etc to the exception reports.
  • Perform custom handling when exception is raised - for example, you can send the exception report to the reporting service or save it to file using ready-to-use API, or let the default handling take place after your own custom handling.


Support Application Types

Automatic Exception Reporting can be used for all kinds of desktop applications including Windows Forms, WPF, Console Apps, Windows Services, ASP.Net websites, web services, SharePoint Webparts, etc. It can also be used for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 apps.



Automatic Exception Reporting is a boon for software developers looking to deliver quality bug-free software to their customers. It facilitates and increases the ease with which end-users can report bugs to you. At the same time, it provides a lot of pertinent information which you can use to resolve the problem quickly and easily. Automatic Exception Reporting can dramatically improve the customer satisfaction and sales of your software.


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