Code Protection and Obfuscator For .Net, Licensing And Copy Protection for .Net, ActiveX and MFC

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  • Excellent ROI/Value For Money : Save Time and Money
    Assuming an hourly developer rate of USD 75, the cost of a 1-developer license can be recovered in just over 1 hour. Is it possible for your company to develop such a full-featured, customizable and thoroughly tested product in 1 hour? As a business, you need to save every minute of every hour and EZShellExtensions will help your company do just that. See the value for money yourself and increase ROI for your company.

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    EZShellExtensions has been shaped by extensive R&D and domain expertise and the feedback of thousands of customers just like you. Buying EZShellExtensions means you will be using software with industrial strength quality and rock solid performance.

  • Competent and Prompt Customer Support
    We provide prompt technical support via email and we do not rest till your issue is resolved.

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    Our customers love our products and our service. Industry and media have written rave reviews about our products.

  • No runtime fees or royalties
    No runtime fees or royalties are involved when you distribute our products with your applications.

Licensed Per Developer
EZNamespaceExtensions is licensed per developer. A separate developer license must be purchased for each developer in the team. See the Licensing FAQ for more details.

Multi-Developer Licenses
Substantial discounts are available when purchasing multi-developer licenses - choose the 4-Developer, 8-Developer or Site-Development License option.

Support And Upgrade Subscription
You can buy a license with or without a Support And Upgrade Subscription. An active Support And Upgrade Subscription gives you the following benefits :

  • Free major and minor version upgrades and critical hotfixes and interim builds.
  • Priority technical support.
  • Price Lock-In for next three years.
  • New samples, tips and how-to topics from time-to-time.

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+ EZShellExtensions - Save at least USD 29

EZShellExtensions 2013 License - MFC Edition
Which option is right for me? See the Licensing FAQ.
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1 Developer License

US $99
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US $59
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4 Developer License
~13% Discount Per License
US $349
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US $529
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US $199
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8 Developer License
~25% Discount Per License
US $599
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US $899
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US $359
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Site License
Unlimited developers at a single office location
US $799
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US $1199
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US $479
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* Only customers with an expired/current subscription for the same product can choose the "Subscription Renewal" option above. Subscription renewal will take effect from the end date of the expired/current subscription, regardless of when the renewal is purchased. See Licensing FAQ for more information. 
* Customers who originally purchased only the license, click here for upgrade information.

License information is sent via email within 12 hours of purchase.