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LogicNP Software specializes in the development of developer-centric software products such as reusable controls, components and libraries for .Net, WPF, ActiveX and MFC/ATL developers. Our mission is to provide innovative, developer-friendly, robust and easy-to-use software that helps developers build the best applications that today's competitive marketplace demands. Our products are used by thousands of large corporations, multi-national companies, consultants, ISVs and professionals from all over the world working in finance, government, military, education, technology, health, insurance, consulting and more.

At LogicNP Software, customer satisfaction, pursuit of quality and ease-of-use are the main goals by which we guide our development process and support activities. Our commitment to these goals will enable us establish ourselves as the leading providers of professional software products for developers.

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Customer Testimonials

The fact that you were willing to improve the product by adding features I needed convinced me to purchase the product. I have just about finished integrating it with my application and should be releasing a new version using CryptoLicensing some time next week.

I can tell you that I had a hard time finding any licensing solutions for .net and most of the ones I did find were very expensive and didn't meet my needs. I like your product a lot and hope you will continue to develop and improve it."

- John Januskey, Clarity Optometric Technologies

You have been helping me out with deployment issues with Crypto Obfuscator I found when I was evaluating your software (Visual Studio WPF (XBAP and non XBAP) applications using Publish). You were very helpful and your excellent service was a motivating factor in deciding to go ahead and purchase (once I established your software would met my applications needs). I am very glad you had a new version of CyrptoLicensing ready - web site trust was a show stopper in the previous version.

- Duncan McIntosh,

First of all, let me thank you for having these extremely well done controls for .NET. They are really useful for document and content management software and very complete.

Before trying your controls, I tried to develop them myself, but it’s just too time-expensive compared to your prices.

- Filipe Freire, Firmaware Lda

I did a google search for c# namespace extensions. Your product was the only one which came anywhere near what I needed, it really is a standout piece of software. You have been super-helpful with support questions, and I probably wouldn't have got to getting it all working and making the purchase without it. thanks :)

- Jeff Harris,

Since this was a tool which needed to be written in a short period your product allowed me to add GUI functionality which otherwise would have taken me way too long to program manually. Apart from that, I think the support is worth mentioning as well. The few questions I had were answered and solved quickly.

- Mike Wieggers, University Of Adelaide

Your well documented controls were easy to use and saved days of development time. I believe it cut the project development time in half. The samples you provided with the controls made it very easy to implement your controls into our project."

- Chris McNeilly, Upper Canada Specialty Hardware

I've had great experience with your controls and look forward to more productivity gains with the rest of the products"

- Bob Egelston, Corel Software

We had created a contact management system that associates a folder on our network with each contact in the system. However, we needed a way to view and manage files within that folder from within our system. Rather than forcing the user to open a windows explorer view and browse to the correct folder, we used the FileView and FolderView controls to re-create a rich windows explorer-style interface"

- Jeff Burgess, Farley & Son, Inc.

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Roy Osherove - ISerializable

" I’ve found CryptoLicensing to be a very powerful and easy to use product. I think it’s the only one that I’d feel comfortable to use in a real project for now.

- Roy Osherove, ISerializable | Full Review


GSP Developers

"...Crypto Obfuscator does a very good job of obfuscating code, doesn’t add any further complications to my development cycle and is very affordable."

- John Spano on GSP Developers | Read Full Review

Dev Connections Magazine

"...If you want to protect your software from piracy, I suggest you take CryptoLicensing for a test drive. I have no doubt that it will enable developers to create secure licenses for their applications."

Anand Narayanaswamy in Dev Connections Magazine | Read Full Review



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