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Licensing FAQ

Q. What does a 1 Developer License or a 4-developer license mean?
The licensing of our controls is done on a per-developer basis. This means that a 1-developer license allows only 1 developer/programmer to use the control during application development. If a team consists of more than 1 developer who will be using the controls during application development, then a 4-developer, 8-developer or a site license is required. A site license allows any number of developers at a company's physical location to use the controls during application development.

Q. Is this license a floating license?
No. The license is not a floating license - it is a named developer license. You must purchase a separate license for each developer who wishes to use the product.

Q. Do the products have a royalty or a runtime license?
No. The products do not have a runtime license nor is a royalty required for redistribution of the control binaries with your application. You can redistribute the control binaries with any number and copies of your applications to any number of end-users.

Q I/We are consultants/contractors using the products in our client's project. Can I reuse the license for another client?
If you are developing software for a client/customer, you need separate developer licenses for each client/customer if ANY of the following is true:

The intellectual property for the developed software will be owned by the client/customer.
You will transfer the developed software's source code to the client/customer.
The client/customer will need to directly use OUR product for any reason.

Q. The company where I work has a license for the controls. Can I use the controls at home?
No. The license is granted only for use by the company who purchased the license. A company license cannot be used at home and a license purchased in an individual's name cannot be used at work.

Q. Can I use the license on more than computer?
Our products are licensed per developer and each developer license can be installed and used on upto 2 machines (including virtual machines - example, 1 desktop + 1 laptop or 1 desktop + 1 VM within that desktop) as long as the SAME developer uses the license on both machines.

Q. What are the benefits of the Support And Upgrade Subscription?
A current Support And Upgrade Subscription gives you the following premium benefits :

  • Free major and minor version upgrades and hotfixes for the duration of the Support And Upgrade Subscription.
  • Priority technical support.
  • New samples, tips and how-to topics from time-to-time.
  • Access to beta products.

Q. Does the license expire if the Support And Upgrade Subscription expires?
No. Your licence is perpetual and does not expire even if your Support Subscription expires. You can use the products indefinitely even after the Support Subscription expires.

Q. How long does my Support And Upgrade Subscription remain valid?
For new purchases, your subscription duration is for 1 year from date of purchase. Subscription renewals will take effect from the end date of the expired/current subscription, regardless of when the renewal is purchased.

Q. My Support And Upgrade Subscription is about to expire. What should I do?
You must renew your subscription to continue to receive the latest versions for free along with all the other benefits of the subscription. To renew your subscription, select the "Subscription Renewal" option on the product order page.

Note that you may or may not receive notifications from LogicNP Software about the pending expiry of your subscription. It is your responsibility to renew your subscription when it is about to expire. You can renew your subscription as early as your want without losing any days because the new subscription comes into effect only after your current subscription expired.

Q. When can I renew my subscription?
You are advised to renew your subscription before the expiry of your current subscription; you will not lose any days as the new subscription will come into effect on the day your current subscription ends. In effect, your current subscription will be extended by 1 year.

If you do not renew your subscription before the expiry of your current subscription, your subscription is considered as lapsed and you will not  be eligible for free upgrades and other benefits anymore. You can still renew and reactivate it it by using the "Subscription Renewal" option - as mentioned above, the renewal will take effect from the end date of the expired/current subscription, regardless of when the renewal is purchased.

Q. My subscription has lapsed/I have only the license without subscription. How can I get the latest version?
Opting for a license with the Support And Upgrade Subscription and renewing your subscription each year to keep it current is the best and the most cost-effective way to receive all new major and minor versions as they are released. In case your subscription has lapsed or you did not originally purchase a subscription and you want to upgrade to the latest version or avail of the other benefits of the subscription, click here.

Q. Do your provide a source code license?
Yes, you can buy source code licenses for all our products. Contact us at for more information.

Q. Do you have academic discounts?
We do have academic discounts if the controls will be used in software developed for education/ research purposes and which is not sold for money or other consideration. Please contact for more information.

Q. I have other doubts/questions.
Just send us an email at if you need any more clarification or information.