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Add Windows Explorer Integration to Document Management Software, Content Management Software and Virtual Drives Using Namespace Extensions

Registry Browser Namespace Extension Developed Using EZNamespaceExtensions
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Companies developing document management software, information management software, content management software, asset management software, virtual drives, and database browsers and front-ends are always looking for ways to improve the usability of their product. Adding Windows Explorer integration is one of the ways of achieving this. Windows Explorer integration allows users to interact with the software right from Windows Explorer or File Open/Save dialogs. For example, consider document management software. Every time a user needs to retrieve documents from the repository or add new documents to it, he/she has to first open the software and then interact with the software to achieve the desired goal. On the other hand, suppose the same product was integrated within Windows Explorer, the user can access documents and browse through the document repository right from the comfort and convenience of Windows Explorer. Then, to retrieve a document, he/she could simply drag-drop the document from the repository to his hard-drive. Similarly, to add a new document, he/she would simply drag-drop the document from his hard-disk to a folder within the repository. Of course, all this occurs in Windows Explorer!
And now, EZNamespaceExtensions offers to make the process of adding Windows Explorer integration (via namespace extensions) fast and painless!

Adding Windows Explorer Integration is now a breeze!

EZNamespaceExtensions is a framework library for fast, painless and easy development of Windows Explorer namespace extensions. Namespace extension development is notorious for its difficulty, subtleties and for the sheer amount of work and time that is required. With EZNamespaceExtensions, developers can concentrate on writing the functionality of the namespace extension and not worry about the hundred things that are necessary to integrate the namespace extension seamlessly into Windows Explorer and File Open/Save Dialogs. EZNamespaceExtensions can reduce the time required to develop this functionality by as much as 80%.

Fast-track namespace extension development with project wizards

One of the best features of EZNamespaceExtensions is its Visual Studio integrated project wizard. Create a new namespace extension project using this wizard generates skeletal code for a read-to-build-and-view namespace extension. With the scaffolding in place, it’s a matter of adding functionality specific to your namespace extension. Each functionality is exposed as one or more well-designed API and adding functionality is as simple as overriding methods and writing product-specific code.

Loaded with features

Feature support in EZNamespaceExtensions is quite comprehensive with full support for folders and non-folders, automatic sub-folder navigation, multi-level sub folders, context menus, background context menus, drag-drop, cut-copy-paste, details/report view, tile view, thumbnail view, group view, icons, overlay icons and lots of other things.

Choose your flavor

EZNamespaceExtensions comes in two editions: EZNamespaceExtensions.Net allows developing namespace extensions in .Net languages such as VB.Net or C#. EZNamespaceExtensionsMFC supports developing namespace extensions in MFC, ATL or C++. All versions of Visual Studio including Visual Studio 2008 are supported and all Windows OS including Windows Vista are supported.


Adding Windows Explorer Integration to products such as document management software has never been so easy. EZNamespaceExtensions makes it a breeze to do so. Make your product easy-to-use and stand out from the crowd and shine!

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