Code Protection and Obfuscator For .Net, Licensing And Copy Protection for .Net, ActiveX and MFC

CryptoLicensing For .Net

CryptoLicensing for .Net comes in three different editions with increasing levels of features and functionality. The following table shows details about the features and functionality that is present in each edition.



Feature Standard
USD 149
USD 299
USD 399
Basic Features
Upto 3072-bit military-strength RSA keys for secure and unbreakable licenses.
Protect any .NET applications including Windows Applications, Controls and Component libraries and ASP.NET applications.
Support For .Net Core Assemblies
Support for .Net Standard Assemblies
Support For Windows Services & Office Add-Ins
Support for .Net Client Profile.
Protect any .Net Compact Framework applications developed for Pocket PC 2003 and above, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Smartphones.
Protect any Silverlight app or library.
Protect Mono app or library.
Protect Mono For Android app or library.    
Simple and easy-to-use license validation API for use in your software
Variable licenses allow you to change software behavior without recompiling.
Comprehensive documentation and class reference.
Simple, easy-to-use yet powerful CryptoLicensing Generator application.
License Features
Embed any amount of custom userdata in the license. This can be the user's name, email, company name or any other data you want.
Specify 'features' to turn ON/OFF specific functionality in your software. Also used to define 'editions' of your software such as Standard, Professional, etc Upto 4 different features Upto 10 different features Upto 2040 different features
Specify number of users in the license.
Automatically save and load licenses from file or registry.
Tie license to specific host assembly using a combination of the assembly's name, version or public key.  
One-of-a-kind ability to perform independent Strong Name Verification.  
Date rollback detection.  
Limit licenses to specific domain(s) - useful when licensing web based apps, libraries, frameworks or controls.    
Verify local time with license service.    
Evaluation/Trial Licenses
Specify datetime after which your software expires.
Create beta licenses that expire at a set datetime.
Limit number of days for which your software can be used.
Limit number of unique days on which your software can be used.
Limit number of times that your software can be executed.
Ready-to-use and user-friendly 'Evaluation Info' dialog for showing evaluation info to users and accepting license codes from users.
Limit time for which your software can be used during a single run.  
Limit time for which your software can be used across multiple runs.  
Limit the number of instances of your software that can be active at any time.  
Full customization and/or localization of the 'Evaluation Info' dialog.  
Evaluation Period Tamper Checking  
Miscellaneous License Settings/Limits
Anti-Debug + Anti-Tracing Protection.    
Disallow in Remote Session.    
Activation And Hardware Locking
Support for activated licenses which can only be validated via the license server.  
Automated online activation.  
Specify hardware-locked licenses which can only be used on a specific machine  
Support for floating activated licenses - specify maximum number of machines that can use the license at any point of time.  
Support for leased floating licenses which allow licenses to be borrowed for a specified amount of time.    
Support for floating licenses with heartbeats.    
License Server Features
License server with full database support. Runs in Medium Trust. No SSL required.  
Wizard to create a ready-to-use license server for your project.  
Activate licenses online and issue hardware-locked licenses.  
Validate serials and issue licenses against them.  
Activate floating licenses.  
Monitor software usage remotely and revoke licenses.  
Support for On-Demand licenses.  
Support for subscription licenses.  
Support for dynamically generating licenses against a specified profile.  
Network Floating Licenses
Deploy license server to the customer's network for activation.    
Support for normal activated licenses.    
Support for floating licenses.    
Run license server as a Windows application.    
Run license server as a Windows service.    
E-Commerce Integration
Support for various e-commerce providers such as PayPal, ShareIt, Plimus, etc.  
Ready-to-use HTTP based license generators for various e-commerce providers.  
Automatic order fulfillment and license delivery.  
Support for automatically sending template-based email to the customer upon order notification.  
Full source code for total customization.  
Serial Codes
Support for short serial codes.  
Automatically retrieve license against a serial using the license server.  
Setup license settings profiles against which serials are generated and corresponding licenses can be retrieved.  
Control how licenses are returned by the server - use of license database only, use of license database first or don't use license database.  
.Net Control and Component Licensing
Support for licensing Windows Forms, WPF and ASP.Net controls and components
Allow usage only at design-time
Allow usage only at run-time
Separate design-time and run-time licenses.
On-Demand Licenses
Support for On-Demand Licenses - retrieve licenses from the license server directly from your software.  
Setup license settings profiles against which On-Demand license can be retrieved.  
Subscription Licenses
Support for subscription licenses which expire after certain datetime or usage activity.  
Automatically renew the software online by retrieving new licenses from the license server.  
Setup license settings profiles against which subscription licenses can be retrieved.  
Usage Reporting
Gain insight into how your software is being used.    
Simple usage reporting API - one single method call for each feature used.    
Identity feature usage trends and patterns as well as end-user software/hardware statistics.    
Ready-made usage reporting console to view and analyze usage reporting data    
CryptoLicensing Generator Application - Basic Features
Simple, easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
Simple project based scheme - different projects and license codes for different software.
Generate multiple codes at a time. Upto 20 codes at once Upto 200 codes at once Upto 30000 codes at once
Copy generated codes to clipboard
Export generated codes to files in various formats.
Wizard to create a ready-to-use license server for your project.  
CryptoLicensing Generator Application - License Processing
Insert generate licenses in a template.
Save generate licenses to file using a template.
Run any number of external programs whenever license is generated.
CryptoLicensing Generator Application - Profiles
Setup multiple profiles for quickly generating licenses with preset settings.  
Use profiles to generate and validate serials, issue on-demand licenses and subscription licenses.  
CryptoLicensing Generator Plugins
Create and load your own plugins using simple API.    
Perform your own tasks when codes are generated.    
Process generated codes as per your needs.    
Develop plugins to specify your own userdata (or UI for specifying userdata) when generating license codes.    
CryptoLicensing Generator API
Note: If you use the CryptoLicensing Generator API to create a custom license generation or similar tool, then a Sales License is required for each machine/user which uses the tool (and consequently the Generator API).
Generate license/serial codes via code from you own application using simple and easy-to-use API.    
Specify license features and capabilities via code and generate codes with those settings.    
Use license settings profiles to quickly generate codes with those settings    
License Management
Add generated licenses and their settings to a database.
Feature Standard
USD 149
USD 299
USD 399