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CryptoLicensing - Usage Reporting

The Usage Reporting functionality of CryptoLicensing allows you to collect data about the usage patterns of your software as well as the hardware and software profile (OS, Memory, etc) of the machine on which your software ran.

Benefits of Usage Reporting

  • Determine which features are the most used or the least used.
  • Determine the duration that each feature is used for.
  • Determine the most common hardware and software configurations of your end-users.
  • Prioritize development (enhancements, new features, bug fixes, etc) by analyzing the usage reporting data.


How It Works

  1. Integrate the usage reporting code in your codebase - this is a single method call for each feature used.
  2. Usage Report data is sent to the license service hosted by you. All usage reports from all runs of your software from all over the world are collected by the same license service which allows you to view and analyze the data in a meaningful way.
  3. Use the Usage Reporting Console that comes ready-made with the license service to determine usage patterns and trends in how users are using your software with the ultimate goal of improving your software.


Using the Consent Dialog

CryptoLicensing comes with a ready-made "Consent Dialog" which you can use to ask for the user's consent before collecting and sending the usage report to the license service. With your purchase of CryptoLicensing, we provide you with the full source code for the "Consent Dialog" so you can customize its look, feel or behavior as per your need.


Usage Reporting Console

The CryptoLicensing license service comes with a ready-made Usage Reporting Console to view and analyze the usage report data collected by the license service.

The console has various built-in views which shows different aspects of the usage reporting data. For example, View By OS allows you to determine the various OS on which your software ran as well as the most used and least used OS. Further each view can be filtered by a particular feature, a particular application, etc allowing for unlimited flexibility in how you view and analyze the data.