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Version history - EZShellExtensions.Net



What's new in v2013

  • NEW: Support for Windows 8.
  • NEW: Improved support for Windows 7.
  • IMPROVED: Some speed improvements
  • Documentation updates.
  • FIX: Crash on Win8 when extension loading via a file dialog.
  • IMPROVED: Context menus now support menu items in UTF8, not just ANSI.
  • NEW: Added ExecuteMenuItemEventArgs.Mask property - one possible use is to determine if Shift key is down.
  • NEW: OverlayIcon extension now supports loading from multiple threads at once.
  • NEW: Context menu extension - Added support for transparent bitmaps.
  • NEW: Added support for specifying a system image list index in OnGetIconFileAndIndex.


What's new in v2011

  • NEW: Windows 7 support improved in various areas.
  • IMPROVED: Extension registration support on Windows 7.
  • FIX: Band objects were not persisted properly in some situations.
  • FIX: Fixed arithmetic overflows on x64 platform in some cases.
  • FIX: Fixed crash in context menu extension in some situations on x64 systems.


What's New!! in version 2009

  • NEW EXTENSION: Control Panel Item.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: It is now possible to return multiple columns from a single column extension.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Property sheet extensions can now be used for inner items of a namespace extension developed with EZNamespaceExtensions.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Added support for Utils.BrowseTo when used from context menu invoked from tree (left-side) in Windows Explorer.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: TargetFiles for Context menu/Property sheet/etc can now return files even when Unicode (non-Latin) characters ar present in file path.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: ShellMenu.SetBitmap changed so that bitmaps are seen properly even when the menu item is hovered over.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Thumbnail extensions and thumbnail provider can now be registered using progid or rootkey-path pair (like contextmenu and property sheet extensions).
  • CHANGE: Infotip extension now respects the return type of OnInitialize method and fails if it returns false.
  • NEW METHOD: Added Utils.GetDriveType method.
  • NEW METHOD: Added Utils.SysIconIndexFromPIDL method.
  • NEW METHOD: Added Utils.PIDLConcat method.
  • NEW METHOD: Added Utils.GetPIDLListFromDataObject method.
  • NEW METHOD: Added Utils.ExecuteShellCommand method.


What's New!! in version 2008

  • NEW EXTENSION : ThumbnailProvider
  • NEW EXTENSION : PreviewHandler
  • NEW EXTENSION : PropertyHandler
  • NEW EXTENSION : AutoPlayExtension
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added Utils.GetDSDISPLAYSPECOPTIONSFromDataObject and Utils.GetDSOBJECTFromDataObject methods which allow development of context menu and property sheet extensions for Active Directory(AD).
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added x64 support for PropertySheetExtension.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added x64 support for ContextMenuExtension.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added x64 support for DragDropExtension.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added x64 support for SendToExtension.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added new Utils class with many helper methods.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added overloaded ShellMenu.AddItem and ShellMenu.InsertItem methods to allow adding/inserting menu item with a specified ID.
  • NEW PROPERTY : Add ShellMenuItem.Tag property.
  • NEW PROPERTY : Added GetMenuItemEventArgs.ReservedMenuItemCount property.
  • NEW PROPERTY : Added new GetMenuitemsEventArgs.MaxMenuItemsAvailable property.
  • NEW METHOD : Added ContextMenuExtension.OnPopupSubMenu method.
  • NEW METHOD : Added ShellMenu.SetBitmap method.
  • NEW METHOD : Added PropertySheetExtension.PressButton and PropertySheetExtension.RemovePage methods.
  • NEW ENUM MEMBER : Added new QueryContextMenuFlags.ForFileMenu enum member.
  • BUGFIX : Calling EZSDrawItemEventArgs.DrawBackground did not draw background using system default menu background color.
  • BUGFIX : Sub-menu items appeared in reverse order in which they are added.
  • BUGFIX : Crash occurred in BandObjects under certain circumstances.
  • BUGFIX : OverlayIconExtension.GetOverlayInfo - specific iconfile greater than 128 characters did not work.
  • BUGFIX : Context menu was not showing when SpecialProgIDTargets.AllFolders was used.
  • BUGFIX : Toolband background now drawn correctly without a noticeable boundary after the title.
  • BUGFIX : DragDropHandlers now also register themselves to appear for drives and virtual folders in addition to file-system directories.

What's New!! in version 2.0

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : EZShellExtensions.Net now supports development IE Browser helper Objects including invisible objects, IE menu items and IE toolbar buttons.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Contextmenu extension API has been changed - the new API fixes some limitations of the old API and enables addition of some new features. The new API is exactly similar to the menu API in EZNamespaceExtensions.Net.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : EZShellExtensions.Net now supports development of Shell Execute Hooks.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : New GetWebBrowser method to BandObject allows interaction with IE.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : New SpecialProgIDTargets class with string constants for special extension targets like 'All Files', 'All Folders', 'All Drives', etc
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Property sheet extensions can now be developed for the 'My Computer' properties, 'Display' properties, 'Mouse' properties, 'Device' properties and a lot others.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : The DataObject is now provided in the OnInitializeEx methods of ContextMenuExtension and ProperttSheetExtension
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : The OnInitialize methods of ContextMenuExtension and ProperttSheetExtension now allow you to return false to indicate that no menu items/property pages will be added.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Property sheet extension page size is now taken from the Width and Height properties of the user control.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : The Windows Explorer window handle is now available in context menu extensions.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : ThumbnailExtension now supports extraction on a background thread.
  • BUGFIX : IE Toolbands now draw their background correctly.
  • BUGFIX : IE Toolbands are now not resizable vertically
  • BUGFIX : Fixed painting problems with all band objects including IE toolbands, IE vertical and horizontal explorer bars and deskbands.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed keyboard navigation and accelerator problems with all band objects.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed garbage collection issue with property sheet extensions which causes the contents of the page to occasionally disappear.

What's New!! in version 1.0

  • Initial release.