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Version history - ShComboBox Control


What's New!! in version 2012

  • NEW: Improved support for Windows 7 libraries.
  • NEW: Improved support for Vista and Windows 7.
  • NEW: Improved support for DFS folders on Windows 2003/2008.
  • IMPROVED: Auto Update functionality to cover additional cases such as when virtual drives are added/removed/changed.
  • FIX: Crash in certain circumstances when namespace extensions were browsed.
  • FIX: Overflow crash occurred on x64 in some cases.


What's New!! in version 2010

  • NEW: Now works with the .Net Framework Client Profile.
  • NEW: Namespace extensions developed with .Net edition of EZNamespaceExtensions can now be seamlessly browsed using Shell MegaPack.
  • NEW: Improved auto-update.
  • NEW METHOD: ComboBoxItem.GetUnderlyingObject method.
  • NEW METHOD: Added ShComboBox.GetImageListIconSize method.
  • FIX: Dialogs or message boxes were sometimes shown during refresh.


What's New!! in version 2009

  • BUGFIX : Fixed buffer overrun error when showing certain files with extremely long names such as those in the 'Temporary Internet files' folder.
  • BUGFIX : Path property of items which are shortcut targets were incorrectly returned.
  • BUGFIX : AutoUpdate did not work when USB disks are connected/disconnected.

What's New!! in version 2008 (Build 581512)

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : AutoUpdate works correctly when USB disks are connected or disconnected.

What's New!! in version 2008

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Automatically takes on the new Vista look when running on Vista.
  • NEW METHOD : Added new enum constants to SpecialFolders enumeration.
  • NEW PROPERTY : Added ShComboBox.BorderStyle propetry.
  • BUGFIX : ShComboBox failed o initialize properly on Windows 2000.
  • BUGFIX : Syncronization with FolderView/FileView fails when ShowVirtualFolders property is false.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed problems caused by ShComboBox when Visual Styles are enabled such as blank/incorrect icons displayed for .Net listviews, treeviews.

What's New!! in version 9.0

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Now uses a cleaner 'Share' overlay icon.

What's New!! in version 8.0

  • NEW : Now implemented in 100% C# managed code. Some of the advantages of this include 64-bit support, better IDE support, better tool support (such as profilers, linkers, etc) and reduced assembly file size (by as much as half)
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Full support for 64-bit systems and 64-bit development.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : ShComboBox now supports WebDAV locations. ShComboBox.SetPidl property and ComboBoxItem.Path property now work correctly with WebDAV locations.
  • NEW METHOD : Added ComboBoxItem.IsFolder method which determines whether the item is a file or a folder.
  • BUGFIX : ComboBoxItem.UserData property was not working properly.

What's New!! in version 7.1

  • BUGFIX : Fixed issue due to which a "LoaderLock Detected" MDA (Managed Debug Assistant) message was shown in Visual Studio 2005 projects at runtime or design-time.
  • BUGFIX : Items shown under My Computer are now properly sorted.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed problem with wrong displaynames for shared/network items.
  • BUGFIX : UserData property for custom items did not work.
  • BUGFIX : Crash occurred when EditBoxText property was accessed if AutoComplete was set to False.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed GDI resource leaks in AddCustomIcon method.

What's New!! in version 7.0

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : An internal implementation change now makes the ShComboBox up to 3X times faster!
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : FolderView-FileView-ShComboBox integration is speedier.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Improved design-time support.
  • BUGFIX : Item icons not shown when system does not have a c:\ drive.

What's New!! in version 6.1

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Custom items can now be added at the Desktop level.

What's New!! in version 6.0

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added support for custom icons.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added support for custom overlay icons similar to the shortcut and share overlay icons.

What's New!! in version 5.2

  • Minor bug-fixes.

What's New!! in version 5.1

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : ShComboBox now supports display of custom items.
  • NEW METHOD : AddCustomItem to ShComboBox allows insertion of custom items.
  • NEW METHOD : DeleteCustomItem to ShComboBox allows deletion of custom items.
  • NEW PROPERTY : IsCustom to ComboBoxItem.
  • NEW EVENT : ItemAdded to ComboBoxItem allows modification of item properties immediately after insertion.
  • NEW EVENT : ItemDeleting to ShComboBox allows cleanup operations related to the item to be performed.
  • NEW METHOD : RefreshComboBox ShComboBox.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : ItemIndent property of ComboBoxItem is now read/write.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Now item tooltip is shown for the edit box as well as the combobox dropdown button.

What's New!! in version 5.0

  • Minor bug-fixes.

What's New!! in version 4.3

  • BUGFIX : Random crashes in Visual C++ 6.0 at design-time.
  • BUGFIX : Using ShComboBox together with one of either FolderView or FileView and SmartUI ActiveX Controls caused crashes.

What's New!! in version 4.2

  • Version 4.2 adds the ShowDrivesOnly property which converts the ShComboBox into a standard drive-selection combobox.
  • Version 4.2 adds the IconIndex property for changing the icon displayed for a ComboBoxItem.
  • Version 4.2 adds the Text property for changing the text displayed for a ComboBoxItem.
  • Version 4.2 adds the OverlayIconIndex property for changing the overlay icon (e.g. shortcut icon) associated with a ComboBoxItem.
  • Version 4.2 adds the UserData property for associating user-defined data for each ComboBoxItem.
  • Version 4.2 adds the Attributes property for retrieving the various attributes of the ComboBoxItem.

What's New!! in version 4.1

  • Version 4.1 fixes a memory leak which occurs during display of files/folders.
  • Version 4.1 features improved support for Visual Studio.Net. Projects using the control no more occasionally crash.
  • Version 4.1 fixes a bug involving the AutoComplete functionality.

What's New!! in version 4.0

  • Version 4.0 is totally redesigned giving substantial performance improvement.
  • Version 4.0 fixes a bug associated with the AutoComplete property.
  • Version 4.0 fixes a bug associated with the DropDownLines property.
  • Version 4.0 fixes a bug associated with the SetPidl property.

What's New!! in version 3.3

  • Version 3.3 adds TooltipType property which sets the type of tooltip to be shown for ShComboBox Control.
  • Version 3.3 fixes some minor bugs associated with ShowFullPath property.

What's New!! in version 3.2

  • Version 3.2 adds ShowFullPath property which shows full path of filesystem object in the edit box of ShComboBox.
  • Now clicking in the edit box of ShComboBox selects it's entire text.

What's New!! in version 3.1

  • Version 3.1 has improved design-time support for certain containers like VC++ and Microsoft Access.
  • Version 3.1 has added ShowVirtualFolders property which allows or disallows to show virtual folders in the ShComboBox.
  • Fixed a bug associated with the GoUp method.

What's New!! in version 3.0

  • Version 3.0 can be easily used with FileView or FolderView Controls using simple 1-line code
    like : shCmbBox.FileView = fileVw or shCmbBox.FolderView = fldrVw.
  • Version 3.0 has added support for AutoComplete; now while typing paths, urls and other items in the edit box of ShComboBox, they are automatically suggested or completed.
  • Version 3.0 has added support for overlay icons and ShowOverlayIcons property.
  • Version 3.0 has improved keyboard-handling support.
  • Version 3.0 has improved property-page support.
  • Version 3.0 has WindowHandle property.
  • Version 3.0 has added Indent property.
  • Version 3.0 has added IncludeUrls property.
  • Version 3.0 has added KeyUp, KeyDown and MouseMove events.
  • Version 3.0 has added EditBoxText property.
  • Version 3.0 has added GoUp method.
  • Version 3.0 has added Font property.
  • Version 3.0 has added Font property page to ShComboBox properties window.
  • Version 3.0 fixes a bug associated with the NextItem and PreviousItem properties.
  • Version 3.0 fixes bugs associated with the Enabled property, SelectionChange event and DropDownLines property.

What's New!! in version 2.01

  • Version 2.01 has fixed the bug associated with painting.

What's New!! in version 2.0

  • Version 2.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to support all operating systems including Windows 2000. The new version fixes a lot of bugs found in the earlier version.