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ShellObjects - Screenshots

ShellAppBar Screenshots

ShellAppBar docked to the left edge and top edge of the screen.

Autohidden ShellAppBar

Drag-Docking functionality in ShellAppBar

Wizard Screenshots

A Wizard UI created with the Wizard Control


An interior page of the wizard

ShellPopupNotification ScreenShots

A popup window displayed using ShellPopupNotification


MSN and Office2003 themed popups


Multiple popups


Different animation styles


Different positioning styles


ShellPopupNotification Contextmenu


ShellNotifyIcon ScreenShots

A tooltip shown for the ShellNotifyIcon


ShellNotifyIcon with balloon style


A contextmenu shown when left/right-clicked on ShellNotifyIcon


Animation support in ShellNotifyIcon

ShellProgressDialog Screenshots

The ShellProgressDialog component in action.


Resizer ScreenShots

Basic resizing functionality - simply drop the Resizer component on your form and you are done!


Advanced Resizer functionality - the horizontal and vertical scrollbars are properly resized.

SystemHotkey ScreenShots


The SystemotkeyComponent at design time : set the hotkey at design time


The hotkey can be set at design time or runtime using a user friendly UI


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