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Version history - ShellObjects


What's New!! in version 2012

  • NEW: Improved support for Windows 7 libraries.
  • NEW: Improved support for Vista and Windows 7.
  • FIX: Overflow crash occurred on x64 in some cases.
  • FIX: Task Dialog did not show in certain circumstances when called from a BackgroundWorker object.
  • NEW: FileExtensionInfo and ProgIDInfo classes to associate apps with file extensions via registry.
  • NEW: PreviewPane support for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • NEW: PreviewPane now supports image files (bmp, png, jpg, etc)
  • NEW: PreviewPane now supports showing thumbnails via IExtractImage if not preview handler is present.
  • NEW: Added TaskDialog.ParentWindow property to specify parent for modal taskdialog.

What's New!! in version 2010


  • NEW: Now works with the .Net Framework Client Profile.


  • NEW PROPERTY: ShellAppbar.AutoHideHideDelay property.
  • FIX: Rare crash at design-time.
  • FIX: Black lines not shown during sliding of autohidden appbar.
  • NEW PROPERTY: ShellAppBar.AutoHiddenAppBarSize property.
  • FIX: Removed flash ShellAppBarwhen AutoHide property is changed.
  • NEW: ShellAppbar now correctly handles screen resolution or orientation changes.
  • NEW: ShellAppbar now correctly handles scenario when an app goes into fullscreen mode.


  • NEW METHOD: ShellProgressDialog.GetWindowHandle method.
  • FIX: Did not show time remaining on Vista.


  • NEW METHOD: Shellutils.Capture methods.
  • NEW METHOD: Shellutils.Screensaver* methods.
  • NEW METHOD: ShellUtils.SetWallpaper method.

Brand New Components!

SystemHook component: Listen to system-wide mouse and keyboard input.



What's New!! in version 2009

Brand New Components!

ShellProgressDialog : Display user-friendly system-standard progress dialogs while lengthy operations are performed.

ShellTaskBar : Add, remove, re-order and organize tabs on the Windows TaskBar.

ShellUtils : Contains various shell utility methods.


  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Dragdocking can now be initiated and performed even from the caption bar (in undocked mode).
  • BUGFIX : Appbar did not paint correctly after after slide in/out.


  • BUGFIX : Number of shell notify icons increased by a factor of 2 each time Windows Explorer was restarted.



What's New!! in version 2008 (Build 581512)

  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Appbars can now be drag-docked even when dragging by the caption/title area when in undocked mode.

What's New!! in version 2008

Brand New Components!

ShellFileOperation : Perform common operations such as Copy/Move/Rename and Delete on multiple files/folders with full sub-directory support and progress dialogs.

SystemIdleTimer : Get notified when the system enters and exits an idle state.


  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Now honors host forms border style property.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Border of host form is now drawn according to the background color of the form.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Made the size of an autohidden appbar 2 pixels similar to the system appbars such as 'Quick-Launch'.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Reduced flicker during docking/undocking.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Any element with a handle can be converted into an appbar. This allows forms and dialogs from non-Windows Forms libraries to be converted into an appbar.
  • NEW METHOD : Added ShellAppbar.SetHostForm method.
  • NEW METHOD : Added ShellAppBar.StartDragDock method.
  • BUGFIX : ShellAppBar now honors the ShowInTaskBar property of host form when undocked.
  • BUGFIX : Appbar does not minimize and go out of view if the 'Show Desktop' command is executed by the user.


  • Default value of SoundFile property is "SystemNotification" which plays a 'notification' sound everytime a popup is showed.


  • Added SystemHotkey.IsRegistered property.


  • NEW PROPERTY : Added ShellLink.LoadFromFileEx method.


  • NEW PROPERTY : Added new Trigger.EndDate and Trigger.IsEndDateValid properties.
  • BUGFIX : DaysOfTheMonth property was defined as 16-bit instead of 32-bit.


  • NEW PROPERTY : Added TaskDialog.Handle property.


  • NEW METHOD : Added ShellMenuItem.SetBitmap method.


What's New!! in version 9.0

Brand New Components!

Wizard: Create 'wizard' user-interfaces easily with this new control featuring full design-time support.

Resizer: Add automatic resizing and resolution independence to your forms in a single step.

TaskDialog: Display new Vista 'Task Dialog' style message boxes easily.

SystemHotKey: Define and listen for system-wide hotkeys easily.

SingleInstanceComponent : Get notified when another instance of your application is started and optionally prevent it from running.


  • BUGFIX : Icon is automatically re-added to the system tray if the tray is recreated by Windows.
  • BUGFIX : MaximizeFromTray now correctly restores the window to the maximized position if it was maximized
    before calling the MinimizeToTray method
  • BUGFIX : Icon was removed from the tray area even if the Form.Closing event was cancelled.


  • NEW PROPERTY : DockingScreen property allows specifying the screen to which appbar should be docked.
  • NEW METHOD : SetDockingEdgeAndScreen allows specifying the docking edge and screen at once.
  • NEW PROPERTY : AutoHideShowDelay to ShellAppBar.
  • NEW PROPERTY : AutoHidePinned to ShellAppBar.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed problem in which the form size at design time and the docked size was off by few pixels.


  • BUGFIX : ShellPopup.Close method did not work correctly in some cases.
  • BUGFIX : ShellPopup.SetAreaCursor method did not work correctly in some cases.


  • NEW METHOD : New overloaded LoadFromFile method which allows specifying load flags.


What's New!! in version 8.0 - minor update dated 6th Nov 2006

  • Brand new component : TaskScheduler gives full control and access to the Windows Task Scheduler service - create, modify and delete tasks, set task properties and triggers and more.


  • NEW PROPERTY : AutoHidePinned : Keeps an auto-hidden appbar visible all the time.

What's New!! in version 8.0


  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Full support for 64-bit systems and 64-bit development.
  • NEW : Now implemented in 100% C# managed code. Some of the advantages of this include 64-bit support, better IDE support, better tool support (such as profilers, linkers, etc) and reduced assembly file size (by as much as half).


  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Changes to popup notification properties now take effect even if popup is shown.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Ability to play a sound file when a popup notification is shown
  • NEW PROPERTY : Added ShellPopupNotification.SoundFile and ShellPopup.SoundFile properties.
  • NEW EVENT : Added ShellPopupNotification.LinkClick event.
  • NEW EVENT : Added ShellPopupNotification.TextClick event.
  • BUGFIX : The Office2003 gripper gradient was now drawn correctly.


  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Added anchoring capability to an appbar using the ShellAppbar.VAnchor and ShellAppbar.HAnchor properties.
  • NEW EVENT : Added ShellAppBar.DockingEdgeChanged event.
  • NEW EVENT : Added ShellAppBar.AutoHideAppBarStateChanged event.
  • NEW PROPERY : Added ShellAppBar.ShowAnimTime and ShellAppBar.HideAnimTime properties for specifying animation times in autohide mode.
  • BUGFIX : An appbar now remembers size changes when in auto-hidden mode.
  • BUGFIX : Dragdocking was allowed even when drag was initiated by the right mouse button.


  • NEW METHOD : Added TrayImageList.AddStrip method which adds a series of images to the notify icon's imagelist from a single bitmap strip.

What's New!! in version 7.1

  • NEW COMPONENT : ShellAppBar - Convert your forms to application desktop toolbars similar to Quick Launch - with complete autohide and drag-docking functionality.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : ShellPopup colors are automatically updated when the system colors change.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : New MinimizeToTray and MaximizeFromTray methods allows a form to be minimized/maximized from tray with corresponding animation.
  • NEW FUNCTIONALITY : Improved design-time support for the ImageIndex and ImageList properties of ShellNotifyIcon makes it easy to add/remove icons which will be displayed in the shell tray notification area.
  • BUGFIX : Fixed issue due to which a "LoaderLock Detected" MDA (Managed Debug Assistant) message was shown in Visual Studio 2005 projects at runtime or design-time.
  • BUGFIX : Using the ShellPopupNotification control in a Managed C++ project caused a compiler error in the project.
  • BUGFIX : Value of Enabled property of ShellMenuItem was lost when the Index property was set.
  • BUGFIX : Index property of ShellMenuItem did not work correctly.
  • BUGFIX : Separator property os ShellMenuItem did not return the correct value.
  • BUGFIX : GripperColor and GripperColor2 properties take desired documented effect.
  • BUGFIX : ShellPopup gripper bar dots in Office2003 style are not displayed if AllowDrag property is False.
  • BUGFIX : BackImageIsTransparent and LogoImageIsTransparent take the desired documented effect.

What's New!! in version 7.0

  • Initial release of ShellObjects.Net.