Code Protection and Obfuscator For .Net, Licensing And Copy Protection for .Net, ActiveX and MFC

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I was searching for an obfuscator for my WPF product. I tried many products, but they did not work with XAML/BAML properly. Some did not protect from ILDASM and Reflector, but Crypto Obfuscator did. CryptoObfuscator also does encryption of resources which is very good. So, than I needed a licence engine. I think that CryptoLicensing+CryptoObfuscator is best choice, it has all the necessary things and they are from one publisher, i.e. "in box" solution.

- Viktor Lozhkin


I came across your Crypto package after looking for obfuscation and licensing solutions. I downloaded the evaluation versions and was very happy with the functionality. I also tried many others but was more impressed by your solution.

- James Lumsden


Your support responded promptly to my questions regarding Crypto Obfuscator. I followed up with more questions, and again they were answered. I began trialing the software, and you helped me resolve all my issues, including adding several new features to the product. The support I received was amazing, and so after running another few days trial integrating Crypto Obfuscator into a developmental nightly build machine, I made my decision to purchase the product..

- Scott Steesy, Rapid Insight Inc.


I was very impressed by how much functionality it provides and how easy the API is! I spend less than 2 hours to fully integrate in my current software project – and this time includes a complete little framework with my own info dialog and license activation workflow. So many thanks for this great product!

- Thomas.Kruse, Kruse-IT GmbH


I've been evaluating a few obfuscation products all of which ended up having one problem or another, despite investing a lot of time in evaluating each. I was getting close to desperate, and then found your product. What stunned me was that your product obfuscated my entire code base first time without any dramas. I double-checked whether the binaries were actually obfuscated because I didn't believe the code would work post obfuscation, but it does. Easy purchase - and a lot cheaper than other options.

- Chris Webb


I was already familiar with Shell MegaPack because I worked with it a couple of years ago. I have now been working on a project where your product was needed because of it’s excellent functionality and likeness to the windows explorer.

- Justin Blackman, ID Technology


The fact that you were willing to improve the product by adding features I needed convinced me to purchase the product. I have just about finished integrating it with my application and should be releasing a new version using CryptoLicensing some time next week.

I can tell you that I had a hard time finding any licensing solutions for .net and most of the ones I did find were very expensive and didn't meet my needs. I like your product a lot and hope you will continue to develop and improve it."

- John Januskey, Clarity Optometric Technologies


You have been helping me out with deployment issues with Crypto Obfuscator I found when I was evaluating your software (Visual Studio WPF (XBAP and non XBAP) applications using Publish). You were very helpful and your excellent service was a motivating factor in deciding to go ahead and purchase (once I established your software would met my applications needs). I am very glad you had a new version of CyrptoLicensing ready - web site trust was a show stopper in the previous version.

- Duncan McIntosh,


First of all, let me thank you for having these extremely well done controls for .NET. They are really useful for document and content management software and very complete.

Before trying Shell MegaPack, I tried to develop them myself, but it’s just too time-expensive compared to your prices.

- Filipe Freire, Firmaware Lda


I did a google search for c# namespace extensions. EZNamespaceExtensions was the only one which came anywhere near what I needed, it really is a standout piece of software. You have been super-helpful with support questions, and I probably wouldn't have got to getting it all working and making the purchase without it. thanks :)

- Jeff Harris,


We googled and found you that way. We went through a few pages and found products such as SolidLicense, LogicProtect, SerialShield and CryptoLicensing. We did an evaluation of each and found yours to be the superior product.

- Mark, QVisual Australia


BTW the CryptoLicensing product is truly excellent & painless to use. I set up my PayPal license server, tested via sandbox (didn't know about that before your helpfile) all within a few hours. When I did all this myself years ago - it took days to perfect the php interaction with paypal. This was MUCH easier.

- Jim Gale


I also tested various other obfuscators before deciding to buy Crypto Obfuscator.

- Svend Jacobsen, Sectra Communications AB


Thanks. I appreciate your quick response. I continue to be very pleased with Shell MegaPack. Great stuff indeed! Cheers!

- Michel Korwin-Szymanowski, EXP Systems LLC


Just wanted to follow up my previous communication to let you know how happy I am with my purchase of Shell MegaPack.Net. It has saved me a lot of time and is a world class product. Thanks alot,

- Mr. Darius Munshi


I love Shell MegaPack. Yours has always been one of the most reliable, trouble free and programmer-friendly tools I use."

- Geoffrey Hollander, Northwest Database Services


I've had great experience with Shell MegaPack and look forward to more productivity gains with the rest of the products"

- Bob Egelston, Corel Software


Shell MegaPack saved us a lot of development and testing time. Using it, we were able to deliver an application extremely similar to Windows Explorer......only 10-15 minutes are required for initial training."

- Suski Marek, F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd


I evaluated EZShellExtensions for 1hr(!) then bought it. It was very simple to use. I absolutely love it. If only I had it last year it would have saved me days of wasted effort! ;-)

- Heath Upton, Expert Networking Group Limited


I think Shell MegaPack and EZShellExtensions are great. Your tools are making our products look awesome, and are obviously saving me weeks of time."

- Scott Thede, Energy Economics, Inc


Since this was a tool which needed to be written in a short period Shell MegaPack allowed me to add GUI functionality which otherwise would have taken me way too long to program manually. Apart from that, I think the support is worth mentioning as well. The few questions I had were answered and solved quickly.

- Mike Wieggers, University Of Adelaide


Your well documented Shell MegaPack controls were easy to use and saved days of development time. I believe it cut the project development time in half. The samples you provided with the controls made it very easy to implement your controls into our project."

- Chris McNeilly, Upper Canada Specialty Hardware


Keep up the awesome work! I love your stuff!!!"

- Brian Reisman,


I came across it again now, and the improvements made to Shell MegaPack have made it very usable for me now. And I must say, I'm impressed! Keep up the good work!"

- Jeori Tujin, JOIN Engineering


I tried a lot of other components but Shell MegaPack was absolutely the winner!"

-Jaime Pérez, aseantic ag

These Shell MegaPack controls works great, by the way; very well written. It's just what I need for this application. I dreaded the prospect of writing something like this on my own and was happy to find this."

- James Toomey,


Your Shell MegaPack product did exactly what we needed for our custom software and it was given some very high ratings."

- Joel Monyok, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


I had been working to use listview to do what FileView does, and for the cost, it really couldn't compare to the time spent doing something I couldn't
do as well as you have already done."

- Mark Phillips, Cafe Cartel Systems


I know you probably only get emails when people have problems, so I want to make sure that I take the time to tell you how much I love Shell MegaPack and how much it has enhanced my web-based application."

- Alan Tepper, TepperWare Computer Solutions


By using your Shell MegaPack components we were able to cut our time to add this feature from weeks down to hours, it was just that easy (we may have not been able to add this functionality at all within the timeframe we had given ourselves)! We tried other components from other companies and we spent more time trying to get them to add the basic features we needed when your components had every feature we needed; easy synchronization of the combobox and fileview, Vista folder thumbnail support (a definite plus for showing previews of items in the folders), and more, which we continue to find useful and implement in future versions of our products. If you're a software developer, these
components are no-brainer"

- John Rennemeyer, MuvEnum, LLC


Before using the LogicNP Software control the program was 100% dependent upon the database. Since adding the controls from Shell MegaPack, we have been able to add user defined filing options for some of the document images. The controls have saved us 100's of hours of coding. It was like having another coder on the project."

- William Morgenweck, College of Charleston


We had created a contact management system that associates a folder on our network with each contact in the system. However, we needed a way to view and manage files within that folder from within our system. Rather than forcing the user to open a windows explorer view and browse to the correct folder, we used the FileView and FolderView controls to re-create a rich windows explorer-style interface"

- Jeff Burgess, Farley & Son, Inc.


Thanks a lot for the excellent support. Shell MegaPack is a worthy product. I am 100% happy to buy this product because of good support - really appreciable."

- Jim Mathew, Middleeast Broadcasting Centre

Shell MegaPack makes it easier to provide users access to files and folders without too much exposure to the operating system."

- Dalton Stetford, NYK LINE


I have always held your products in the highest regard, they have made a massive difference to the end users of my programs compared to the alternatives. I would like to personally thank the people who created the components, they are really terrific!"

- Brett Sterling, Sterling Digital


Thank you for quick replies and an excellent upgrade policy. Really outstanding flexibility, to be honest PS: FolderView and FileView are EXCELLENT components, I really love them! Tonnes of features and rock solid quality :-)"

- Terje Krang, Junglemap


Best regards and thanks for a very nice and useful product,"

- Thomas Andersson, Randek BauTech AB


Again - your Shell MegaPack controls work extremely well and have saved me a great deal of time and effort."

- Dan Desjardins, Redactive Archive Management


The FolderView and FileView control appear to be the only ones available that offer the functionality that I need. I tried the trial and found that it appears to meet my requirements."

- John Fermor, EIS Kent County Council


I was looking for a install-less .NET file browser on the internet. It didn't take long before I bumped on your site and your excellent product."

- Julian De Wit,

Shell MegaPack really works great and I am very happy with the performance it has provided my application."

- Bret McClay,

I was looking for a product that did exactly what Shell MegaPack does. It took some time of searching through google results and various programming sites to eventually find it, but it was worth it."

- Glenn Newby, London Drugs

I needed to embed an explorer into a custom GUI. Your solution provides the exact functionality that I need."

- Billy Boulger, Red Hen Systems


Everything works as expected, so that I can purchase a license :-) Thank you again for your very excellent support."

- Daniel Curatolo, Art Systems Software


I would like to thank you for the fantastic support you have provided us to date. I am very keen to purchase the software ASAP."

- Simon Lee, LiveDrive


Using Shell MegaPack saved me lot of time and I'm very pleased with the result. Nice Job!"

- Christian Beaumont, Digini, Inc.


Another good thing is that now I know about your excellent products. I think I’m going to use Shell MegaPack in my code generation tool in order to give it some interesting shell features."

- Andre Pires, ExtraSoft


I really appreciate the excellent level of pre-sales support you give. It really makes me feel that you are actively supporting and expanding this project."

- Nathan Dawson, Rhudy's Jewelry Manufacturing


The control is excellent. Great job. We shall be buying the control next week."

- Vijaykumar Sompalli, CTSpace


First of all, great job with the product. I am impressed. Shell MegaPack certainly saved me time trying to imitate the windows explorer look and feel."

- Mita Rances, MB Software Consulting Services

I'm very happy about the good news and I appreciate it so much. You will be the first choice for me when I need controls in the future. Thanks a lot again for your help"

- Franz Süss, Mindforce Software


Thanks for creating such a great product. Shell MegaPack is exactly what we need."

- Mikael Söderström, Teknikhuset AB


Thank you for the great service. The new version did the trick, and I have just ordered the Mega package :)."

- Kasper, TSW


GREAT JOB! Thanks again for your efforts and quick turnaround on this issue. By the way - the control works great and we are very pleased with its functionality!"

- Kirk Adams, ADP National Account Services


I was looking at a million different sites trying to work out how to extend explorer and in the end tried your component which worked great."

- Simon Driscoll, FlagStaffLine


Working with your controls is great. Keep up the good work."

- Bob Hosea, CMH Software


Your support section has answered my question and his solution worked perfectly. Once again great product."

- Paul Young, Cygnus Research Coprporation


Great product works like charm, you should be proud of it."

- Ramana Kovi, ePlatform, Inc


It has been a great experience using Shell MegaPack. The components are robust and help bring my custom applications to a new level. They provide great functionality for a reasonable price. I definitely recommend this product."

- Jim Cannon, Cannon Creative, Inc.


The control works just great, and has given our application a real boost!."

- Ivar Andreassen, Baker Hughes


Shell MegaPack were very easy to integrate into my program and they look great as well."

- Andrew Choi, IOMedia


Thanks for offering such a great product, Shell MegaPack definitely got us out of a pinch and I look forward to using it in future development efforts."

- Ron Trotto, Try Catch Consulting


As veteran .NET developers we had been looking for native .NET file and folder management controls for several years. Integrating various ActiveX solutions or solutions with thin .NET veneers caused us many issues with development and deployment. So we were very excited when LogicNP Software introduced their Shell Megapack and have been delighted by being able to have native .NET solutions to our file management needs.
We particularly like the ease with which we could include checkboxes to allow users to customize their folder views. All in all, the controls have been performing well and your support has been awesome."

- David Cardinal, Pro Shooters LLC


I love your Shell MegaPack ActiveX product and am looking forward to using your new .Net version in our new development"

- Andy Knoski, River's Edge Inc.


I just finished purchasing a license for the FolderView. We really like the product."

- George Wilson, Sunbelt Software


I have to thank you for this product. I had spent all of last week trying to interpret shortcuts. Last weekend it occurred to me to try a Google search and in about 40 minutes I found your product, and in another 40 I had myself convinced that it would work for me."

- Mike Coleman, Allegheny R & D, Inc.


My boss actually found Shell MegaPack for me. Your products were the only decent ones out there."

- Michael Jeffery, InScope Solutions


....the component works great for me, thanks!"

- Steven de Boer, ActiveView Connections


Shell MegaPack does exactly what I needed and more."

- Ric Brown, Model Die & Mold, Inc


Thanks for your great work. Its really helped me over the years."

- Pete Smee, University College Plymouth St Mark & St John


I have to say Shell MegaPack is awesome and is exactly what I was looking for."

- Paul Oxford, CSE Education Systems Ltd


Many thanks. I am enthusiastic about the support. This was really fast. Excellent."

- Andreas Schultz, Andreas Schultz IT-Beratung


Thanks for the quick response - you support seems excellent!"

- Robert Wood, JN Bentley Ltd


Yours was the best. I simply don’t have the time or knowledge to do this myself."

- Michael Wallett, Enable International


By the way - Shell MegaPack is a great product. Exactly what I'd been looking for."

- Steve Thirlwall, Krome Studios


You're product is great; it's saved me much time."

- Stetson Weddle, Telvent Miner & Miner