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Hyper Build - Features In Detail


Visually Create And Design Your Build Process

Hyper Build focuses on ease-of-use and allows you to create and design your build process visually via the user-interface.

The entire structure and composition of your build process is shown visually and you can change it using familiar UI paradigms like drag-drop, clicking, etc. You do not have to deal with clumsy text files anywhere!


Hundreds of Built-In Actions

Hyper Build comes with hundreds of built-in actions for most commonly used tasks and tools related to files, folders, compilation, build, flow control, archiving, zipping, source control, testing, FTP, registry, system, text, and more!

If you do not find actions for your favorite tool, you can request them to be added to Hyper Build!


Detailed Hierarchical Logging

Hyper Build shows you a detailed hierarchical log of the build process including any output generated from external processes run during the build.

Hyper Build also allows you to show only failed actions so you can easily focus and examine those actions.

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Detailed Build History

Hyper Build stores the logs and summaries of all your builds so you have a detailed record of all your builds that have taken place till now.


Advanced Scripting

Hyper Build supports scripting using C# or VB.Net, which allows you to modify, extend or hook into the build process.

You can define scripts for each actions which are run at various pre-defined triggers during the build process, such as when an action begins execution, ends execution or when it generates a log message, etc.

Scripting allows you unprecedented level of flexibility and customization of your build process.


Build Summary

Hyper Build shows a summary and estimated progress of the build while it is running.


Support For Build Notifications


Send email notifications to stake holders automatically when the build finishes. Emails support text/html body, multiple to/cc/bcc as well as multiple attachments.


FTP / SFTP Actions

Full support for FTP (with SSL) as well as SFTP allows you to deploy build outputs with ease! Supports variety of actions include upload, download, delete, rename, create directory, etc.

Easy-To-Use Variable And Property System

You can define project-level or global variables for use in your build process. Further, each action itself exposes a variety of properties which you can use and reference in other parts of your build process.

Most of the action outputs (for example, the hash value of a "Get File Hash" action) are easily accessible by simply referencing them using the %actionid.actionproperty% format. There is no need to first store the action output to a project/global variable and then reference that variable.

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Advanced Control Flow

Full support for control flow structures like If-Then-Else as well as While and For loops allow you maximum flexibility in structuring your builds logically.

In addition, a variety of iterator/loop actions like List Iterator, CSV file iterator, File/Folder Iterator, etc allow you to quickly execute actions multiple times.


Exception Handling

Exception Handling can be done for individual actions or groups of actions.

Check Ignore Failure setting for an action to automatically add exception handling for that action.

Use the Try-Catch-Finally actions around a group of actions to perform exception handling for these actions. These actions have normal semantics like in any modern programming language.


Asynchronous /Concurrent Actions

Hyper Build fully supports asynchronous execution of actions which run simultaneously with other actions in the build.

For example, FTP actions can be run asynchronously while other CPU/file bound operations are being run. This allows you to minimize build times.


Asynchronous Iterators (Concurrent Iterations)

Hyper Build supports Asynchronous execution of each iteration/loop of any iterator action .

For example, a For Loop can run each iteration asynchronously so that more than one iteration is executed concurrently at the same time.

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