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7 Reasons You Should Use Hyper Build To Automate Your Software Build Process

For all but the most trivial software, building the source code is just one step of releasing or deploying the software to customers or the general public. A lot of other steps are involved which typically include:

  • Checking out files from version control
  • Incrementing version numbers
  • Copying files
  • Building source code
  • Building documentation
  • Running some batch files
  • Performing automated tests
  • Created setup/installer program
  • Uploading the setup/installer to a web site or ftp site
  • And lots more!

This build process can get quite extensive and complicated, and so, having a efficient and automated build process is very important for any software developer and build master.


Stone Age Ways Of Doing Builds

  • Manual Builds
    The most inefficient and time consuming way is to perform all the actions required for the build manually. Needlessly to say, this is extremely error prone, non-repeatable and time wasting approach. Surprisingly, many companies still resort to manual builds.

  • Make files
    Make files are cumbersome to develop and maintain and do not lend themselves well to logical structuring, conditional build execution, exception handling, etc. Make files do not support all the actions typically needed by the build process like email, FTP, support for external tools and tasks, etc.

  • Scripting
    Scripts are time consuming to develop and maintain and require specialized skills and knowledge. Scripting does not support all the actions typically needed by the build process like email, FTP, support for external tools and tasks, etc.

  • Custom build process
    Using a custom build process requires even more time, resources, skills and knowledge than scripts to develop and maintain.


The Modern Way - Using Hyper Build To Do Automated Builds

Hyper Build enables companies, software developers and build managers to automate their software build, testing, deployment and release process. Hyper Build allows you to visually design your build process via an easy-to-use UI using the hundreds of built-in actions for the most commonly used tasks and tools.

Hyper Build offers many advantages to software developers and build masters as discussed below:

  • Improves Product Quality
    Performing automated builds of your software at regular intervals (for example, daily, weekly or even every time source code is checked in) ensures that the code can always be compiled and that bugs are found as early as possible and quickly fixed.

  • Allows You To Focus On Actual Software Development
    Hyper Build enables your company to stop wasting precious time, resources and money on shepherding the build process and devote more time, resources and money to your core competency, which is software development.

  • Facilitates Automatic Testing
    An automated build using Hyper Build encourages you to integrate testing in your build process. Performing automated tests right after compilation enables you to discover bugs as early as possible and fix them immediately.

  • Saves Time And Money
    Using Hyper Build will save you a lot of time and consequently money. Instead of wasting time performing manual builds or developing and maintaining custom scripts, make files, etc, you can use the visual UI of Hyper Build to quickly design, create and maintain your build process.

  • Improve Release Quality
    Using an automated and repeatable build process ensures that the deployed/release software is fully tested and have the passed the quality checks that you have defined and specified and does not contain bugs, missing files, incomplete documentation, etc.

  • Eliminates Human Dependencies
    Hyper Build allows you to create a repeatable and automated build process for your software, one which does not depend on any specific person for specialized knowledge about the build process.

  • Creates A Permanent Record Of All Builds
    Hyper Build stores detailed logs of every build and a history of all builds performed, so you have complete record whenever the need arises.


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